Hello there, this is Leon.
I am an independent Design Consultant aka Creative Problem Solver. Conceiving and conceptualizing, designing and implementing both digital and physical products and solutions, I team up with creative task forces or work as a lean one-man-show to help my clients unlock the business-boosting powers of holistic Design Consultancy and reliably tailor results that exceed expectations.
Consultancy: Design Research / Strategy / Art Direction / Design Lead / UX DesignProject Management 
Execution: Product Design / Concept Development / 3D Modeling / Prototyping + MVP’s / 3D Visualization / Brand Assets

I work for startups, SMEs, Creative Agencies or Corporate Innovation Units and often in close collaboration with my former Co-Founding Partners from WINT Design Lab. Let’s jump right into it.


The smartest digital note taking App yet

From Research-based Consultancy to UX-Concept and UI-Design of a Digital Product for a german, soon 100-year-old brand of analog writing tools seeking future pathways into the digital realm.


Key Services:
Design Research, Strategic Design Consultancy, UX + UI Design, User Research, User Interviews

Technology Marketing for INNO

Conceiving a successful* B2B communication strategy for our client’s proprietary IP in innovations for luxury cosmetic packaging.
*Yes, they closed them deals 👍️


Partners: WINT Design Lab, TrixCode, Tavy Hornbrook

Key Services:
Concept, Innovation Naming, Copy Writing, Art Direction, 3D Modeling (CAD), Photorealistic Product Visualization (CGI), Project Management

Design of a B2C Brand - Naming, Logo, Branding, Website: MATTA Barcelona

Helping a 35-year-old, $56-million-turnover-SME venture into new horizons by creating their first B2C Brand.

Client: MATTA Barcelona

Partners: WINT Design Lab, Zoo Studio (Website Coding), Carles Oliva (Photography)

Key Services:
Strategic Design Consultancy, Art Direction, Brand Naming, Logo Design, Branding Concept, Packaging Design, 3D Visualization, Project Management

Concept and Art Direction for FLOSTY showreel

FLOSTY, the B2B brand of a Spanish producer of high quality aluminum packagings for the world’s leading cosmetic brands, commissioned us to create a visually compelling corporate video to playfully narrate the company’s core value proposition.


Partners: WINT Design Lab, Raphael Ziegler

Key Services:
Art Direction, Visual & Narrative Concept, Project Management