Creative Services:

My website represents an eclectic mix of work. That is because I decided to dedicate my life to creativity – a way of thinking – rather than just one single task, skill or job profile. 

I love hunching over constructional details, browsing through technical component lists from global suppliers as much as 3D modeling (CAD), conducting user interviews, conceiving smart UX solutions for digital products, building attractive brands, deep diving into research or conceiving colourful visuals (CGI) for storytelling. Taking a stroll through trade fairs and scouting exciting tech, material or process developments sparks my ideas as much as reading the latest books on psychology, sociology or artificial intelligence.

Better Together: I enjoy a lot working with other talented people from all backgrounds. Having spent over a decade in Design I do know a good bunch of them and strongly believe in innovation by cooperation. I am always happy to assemble a lean team of talented creatives to tackle my client’s requirements efficiently.