Singapore Workshop écal / NUS

The sugarcane plate and handheld tool were developed during a one-week-workshop held in Singapore together with students from the Industrial Design Department of the National University of Singapore.

Evolving around the theme of the Hawker Food Centers and their food stalls, the sugarcane plate makes use of leftovers from the popular sugarcane juice production on site. Instead of designing some new throwaway dishes or the like, the sugarcane plate illustrates the potential to use local waste as a suitable material for biodegradable one-way-dishes as an alternative to plastic.
The plate and archaic tool are a proof of concept, to show how the leftovers of sugarcane fibers can be given an intermediate life and use, before being industrially fermented.

Colaboration with Assyaraf Johari and Wenxin Ng
Photograps by Sylvain Aebischer and Leon Laskowski
Hawker Food Centers, Singapore