︎︎︎︎  3D Printed Motorcycle Fairing

Building upon the precision of a full scale 3D scan of an electric KTM Freeride we could benefit from the constructive and formal design freedom of Additive Manufacturing to directly integrate and implement all important functions with high resolution. The final laser sintered parts fully integrate all requirements for the assembly onto the original bike, taking into account positions for threaded inserts, channels for blinkers or eyelets for cableties, electrical harness or magnetic fasteners for the „filler cap“ for charging the bike.

Using parametric surface modeling for the design and construction, we could iteratively improve and adapt the design according to the vision and feedback of our client or technical requirements of production and material parameters. In-house filament 3D prints were used during the development, to check partial features of the fairing where original equipment from the KTM bike had to be seamlessly integrated.

This project was commissioned by the Berlin-based custom motorcycle workshop Urban Motor and german helmet manufacturer Schuberth who approached us to realize the Additive Manufacturing of a motorcycle fairing to be premiered on the world‘s biggest motorcycle fair EICMA 2018 in Milan.