On the occasion of the IMM Cologne 2018 LLID, Robin Hoske and Felix Rasehorn presented a selection of their recent projects implemented in a Virtual Reality exhibition hosted by ZERO FOLD.

LUCID DREAMING deals with the extension of conventional means of product presentation, such as photography, animation and mockup, by staging interactive objects within a three-dimensional Virtual Reality environment.

A visually immersive and physically abstracted experience enhances the display of products through a whole new medium of communication, overcoming ordinary limitations of scale, physics, site-specific or financial aspects. Not only the product itself but its entire narrative become a spatial experience, turning the designers’ visions into a walk-in space for others.

When collectively working on projects in the field of scenography, furniture and lighting design, we seek to turn the parameters of industrial production into aesthetic products of conceptual wit and elegance. The production process often being the principal shape-giving element in our work as individuals or as a team, it naturally becomes part of the aesthetic depiction of our projects when tapping the possibilities of the virtual space.

Interactive 3D models, virtual material samples, allusions to manufacturing processes and photographic references paint a digital, imaginary world for the visitor to walk around in, while standing still in the real one.

Collaboration with Robin Hoske and Felix Rasehorn
Video by Adam Janisch
Model Nina Petrischenko
Photography by Leon Laskowski