Bonnie and Clyde

Delirious Home Exhibition
écal, Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan

Internet of things... smart homes... sensors and PCBs...
So what happens, when that objective smartness turns into unsuspected cheekiness? The Delirious Home project curated and led by Alain Bellet and Chris Kabel is a different take on and a playful interpretation of the “smart home” full of extraordinary objects for ordinary life.
Cacti that grunt and shake, mirrors that wrinkle, vases that balance on an edge and Bonnie & Clyde – a spoon that fell in love with the espresso cup – following its every movement.

Colaboration with Anna Heck and Romain Cazier
Photography by Sylvain Aebischer and Axel Crettenand
Video produced by ecal
Milan Design Award 2014, Best Exhibition