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ALL IN is the world’s first, entirely 3D printed task light, including all mechanical components and the particularity of specially developed, sintered torque hinges. Really everything except the heatsink, the LED and its electronic components, is thus toollessly produced in one single location, in one piece, in one go and from one material, eliminating need for manual assembly by almost a 100% and pushing recyclability to a whole new level.

In contrast to a product often consisting of up to 100 different parts, ALL IN reduces this component count from over 100 to less than 10. It is designed to be folded into itself to be as space saving as possible during production and transport, while weighing in at less than 400g. With the currently available technology, 56 task lights can be produced at once in an industry standard laser sintering printer.

ALL IN aims to make us rethink manufacturing processes and their complex logistics. It can be understood as an exemplary and purposefully radical execution of the new kinds of production means available for lower complexity mechanical products today. Products made up of dozens of materials of various origins, which again require independent exploitation and processing of resources, different surface treatments and undergo multiple steps of manufacturing, before being shipped around the globe for assembly – just to be shipped all around again.

The possible savings in industrial tooling and equipment, transportation costs, fuel consumption and storage space, potentials for material economy and recyclability resulting from such a new way of conceiving products are still unheard of.

Bachelor Thesis, Weissensee Academy of Arts
Supervised by Prof. Carola Zwick
Photography by Leon Laskowski

DesignPlus Award 2018
Finalist 3D Pioneers Challenge 2018
Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2017
Mart Stam Preis 2017